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10 mo ago

Best ever!

Hopping.io is still paying on time! Not only is this a fun game but a quick way to earn as well!

10 mo ago

kingLion review

Best site ever!!!! I completed a couple of offers and it increased my winning odds dramatically!

11 mo ago


Great site! Pays well!

11 mo ago

best earnings site!

so I thought it would be hard to earn here but in fact I made $10 in the same day just by playing the game and visiting links!

1 y ago


Love the site, love fast payouts and also love the link surfing feature which I use to promote my projects for free!

1 y ago

My first payment on hopping.io

I received my first payment today! It is a great website to earn some money for your time. Don't miss the chance to join!

1 y ago

$30 easy!!!

This is my fourth payment! 2x$5 and one payment of $10, total $30 since I joined. arrived very quickly to my Tron wallet! Hopping team is the best!!!

Omar K
1 y ago

$10 payout

At first they cancelled my payment, so I was scared, but it turns out it was me who entered wrong doge wallet address. They returned the money and when I tried again the payout went through! Thank you! 5/5

1 y ago


Platform is paying and I like it! Sometimes its easier sometimes its harder but you can withdraw as I did 2 times already!

1 y ago

Just got paid!

Just withdrew $10 to my Tron wallet!


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